Powerjunky's Hamachi Server - iConomy Server
About Us

Server is based out of Ohio, USA.  Most of us are native english speakers, but we have some italian and spanish players.  Any nationality is welcome to play!  

We have a strict no griefing policy. 
- First time offenders will find themselves in jail for 15min. (must be served   consecutively online. If you logout, the timer starts over)
- Second offense will net you a cool 1 hour jail time. (most people ragequit after this.)
- Third Offense you will find yourself getting all your money and items wiped with a 1 week ban.
- Note: depending on the amount of griefing and time spent playing, you may get a permanent ban, at the discretion of the server owner, at any time.  I don't like to spend time on the bad apples, only the good players deserve my attention.  You might think you are smart and find exploits to really screw up our server, but we have multiple back ups.  Takes .4 seconds to load the backup and restart the server.  The only peoples time you are wasting is your own.

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