Powerjunky's Hamachi Server - iConomy Server
Thanks for visiting!

My server is designed for those players that like long term goals, not short term thrills of just blowing stuff up.

If you want a long term goal orientated server where your time is appreciated, then this is the server for you.

Server Plugins used:
- iConomy
- LockIP
- WorldEdit
- WorldGuard
- Essentials
- FoundDiamond
- LevelCraftCore
- Lockette
- NoCheat
- iConomyChestShop
- MobBounty
- Permissions
- SimpleSave
- VanishNoPickup (admins only)
- Rakamak 

If this interests you, then join us at:

  Hamachi ID: Psychward
   Password :  pwg
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